Florina Hanson, poet

The first collection of poems by Florina Hanson is a heart-wrenching, deeply personal journey through love and loss. The poet's universal struggles are translated into words that are both witty yet honest with an underlying sense humour throughout; all the while maintaining her strong Romanian heritage via her voice that preserves old traditions from centuries past.

The story of

Florina Hanson

My teenage story:
I was born in the communist regime of the Eastern European Block, a country called Romania in 1975. A time of uncertainty, fear, corruption, hunger, hurt, ration that ultimately took our nation to December 1989 Revolution where many university students lost their lives because they had enough, they wanted freedom. I was 14 years old and I remember what it meant to grow up in communism, how it felt to eat potatoes and beans at candlelight because the electricity was shut, how cold we felt in winter, how long we stood in lines at grocery stores coming home with empty bags because everything was sold out, how scared I was for myself, my family, my friends, my school mates when the revolution started and how brave we were during and after the dictator and his wife were killed. We lost good people and gained freedom through their spilled blood on the streets of Bucharest.
I remember it well to this day; it is a part of me, where I came from, where I was born, and I know I will never forget my roots.

My adult story:
Since then, what I have wanted more than ever was the opportunity for a better future, better life, true freedom! I was prepared for anything along the way. When the door opened, I didn't hesitate; I wasn't afraid; I walked through it excited for what my future holds, full of limitless possibilities. I knew it in my heart this land is my new home, my new journey, a much happier life where I can express myself freely without holding back.

A snapshot of my life.

The peace in my heart faded away in the dark. For a moment, my life stopped as the Earth turned back. Taking with it all my dreams and hopes forever locked Only unfinished desires took shape and hunted my soul’s spark.

Florina Hanson